Automation –
intelligent, clever &
100% individual.

Barrel rotation control system

Innovation by JSP –
The barrel control system
prevents failure & damages.


It is not enough,
That technology is only working well.
It hast to fit
into our world!

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Tailor made solutions – in a flexible modular system.

Intelligent, from A-Z thought-out solutions especially for the Galvanising industry belong to our speciality. More than 25 years’ experience in the Galvanising Industry and control systems makes us a reliable partner – worldwide we look after numerous plants with full service.

We are delivering a complete solution – beginning with planning, switch panels up to customised customer orientated software – all under one roof. This guarantee a shorter turnaround time and you have a direct contact person to assist with any queries.

Our modular System enables a short time of commissioning and simple, valuable upgrades. Proven and developed by us our control building blocks guarantees a reliable function.


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In principle Automation is divided in two areas:


  • operational (visualisation and data management) and
  • executive (PLC, switch panel, sensors und actors).

The advantage of JSP programmed operation blocks:

  • simple, practical operation surface. A logical and simple structure of the HMI guarantees short times of training of the operators.
  • Clear structured menus – important process values and colour changes visually clarify the status of the plant.
  • The reproducibility of processes will be facilitated by an exact production protocol. Alarm archives establish direct relationships forth to manufacture variations.
  • Realistic schematic representations
  • Each visualisation is custom made according to clients’ requirements and allows the conversion


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